GPS modul 66 kanaler 10Hz

GPS breakout board FGPMMOPA6H Rev. 1.0

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GPS breakout board using GlobalTop PA6H based on
the MediaTek MTK3339 chipset with latest firmware

-165 dBm sensitivity / 66 channels and up to 10 Hz update rate.
Built in ceramic patch antenna.
Built-in datalogging, stored in flash memory of the module.
Customized firmware on demand.

Polarization protected DC input. Voltage range between 3.3 and 5.5 VDC
using an ultra lownoise TI LDO.
Embedded surface mounted Seiko high quality rechargable Manganese-Silicon
lithium battery for minimizing startup time (cold start)
and to maintain saved settings.
The module includes an embedded charger circuit for the battery.

The GPS breakout board strictly follows the GlobalTop design rules to ensure
perfect module performance in all aspects with or without an external antenna.
This includes EMI and voltage ripple reduction.

The module consumes less than 50 mA with an external 3V active antenna
and about 30 mA without one.
The PCB is optimized for a 50 Ohm 3V active antenna connected to the
embedded SMA female connector. No need for an adapter to fit external SMA antennas.

High-bright low current LEDs for 3DFix (Red) and PPS (Blue) are mounted on the PCB.
The module is also prepared for RTCM operation, wich is optional and not activated
on the standard series of the breakout board.
Please contact us for further information on the RTCM operation or other
customized firmware versions.

All parts including the PCB is completely lead-free and follow the
RoHS standard and the EN50581 CE directive

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